A Day in the Life

4:45 a.m. Wake up...workout, either running or circuit training or both together..
6 a.m. Shower and beautify

6:30 a.m. Wake up Bubba since he has to leave with Big E and I due to dad out of town for work..he gets himself ready...Big E has been up since 5:15 to watch me workout so he is dressed and ready to go, and we make a quick to go breakfast for me (the boys eat at the daycare/before school place) during this time.

7 a.m. Drop kids off at Daycare/Before School

7:30 a.m.- 4 p.m Work time!

4:30 p.m. Pick up boys
4:40 Chores....Kyle has been out of the state for work this past week so momma has been in single parenting mode, which is no big deal, except when you have farm chores to do also, and it is -15 below and the water freezes in the buckets so you have to lug new buckets everywhere, which I am fine with, but it is -15 below and I am not FINE with that, but what can you do but trudge on and make it family fun time...
The tricky part is walking over the ice patch with 2- 5 pound buckets full of water
5:00 Come inside, defrost for a minute
5:15 Bring boys over to grandma's house so I can head to Bubba's School for parent teacher conferences
5:30 Conferences(he is doing fantastic and best thing heard "your son is so nice to everyone") in a world full of bullying this comment made this momma very proud!
5:45 Head to rec center for volleyball league game
5:45-6:30 Run a couple miles while waiting for game to start
7:20 Pick up boys from grandmas
7:45 Big E is in bed
8:00 Bubba is in bed, my bed, (he wanted to sleep with mom) needless to say I slept on a little slice of the bed with his feet in my back and his arms on my face
8:15 I start making Chili for our Chili Cookoff tomorrow at work
9:30 Head out to the shed to get the chickens settled in for the night, I love the variety of eggs we get
10 p.m. Complete a few Personal Training plans
10:30 In bed....and WIDE AWAKE!!! So I watched some T.V. for a bit and then shut the t.v. off and finally fell asleep. 

Phew, I am tired just writing all that...


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