Weekend Recap

You know how they say you work harder on the weekends then you do at work, well this weekend was no exception for us.   I swear this weekend was non-stop everything.  Grab a seat, put on a seatbelt cause it is gonna be a fast ride....

After a great 7 mile run on Saturday morning in preparation for the Tough Mudder and half marathon,  Kyle and I began our weekend of projects...

A while back we asked Bubba what he wanted for his birthday...which is in February and he told us a "Hawkeye" room.  So, plans began, we "Pinterested" ideas and we got a plan in action, and this last weekend Phase 1, 2, and 3 we put into place and completed. 
Phase 1 and 2 Black and Gold paint on the walls
 Phase 3, bedding and Hawkeye gear rounded up and ready for Phase 4, which should be done on Wednesday night
 Kyle was on a mission Saturday because he completed my necklace, ring, and bracelet holder idea.  I can actually see my jewelry now and it is not a tangled mess....I also think it acts as a pretty nice decoration.
 And lastly, we converted our closet into a bench seating area for the boys to take off their shoes when they get in the house.  This cleared up space in our laundry room which I love. 
And then as if those two "honey do" things weren't enough, Kyle planned a date night.  He got the grandparents to babysit and we enjoyed a nice dinner out at one of our favorite places, Red's Alehouse

Sunday was spent cleaning up the above mentioned messes that we made and organizing....by Sunday night I was in bed by 8 and zonked out by 8:!5 I think...it is all a blur....

I love weekends where so much gets accomplished. 


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