Mileage,P90X3, and a quick shoulder workout

Mom's are jungle gyms....and Big E certainly enjoys climbing all over me when I am sitting on the ground, so I turned it into a shoulder workout.  

 I like to mix workouts up, sometimes I put together my own, sometimes I find one on Pinterest and then I have my BeachBody workouts.  I got the P90X3 and have been anxious to try it and so

Monday I did Total Synergisitics.  This one focused on resistance training, so after the 30  minutes I hopped on the treadmill for a quick 15 minute sprint session.

Tuesday I logged some mileage for my Tough Mudder(May 3 in Kansas City),  and Half Marathon (May 31) training, in my +MizunoBrand Inspires
 My running plan was for 3 easy miles, so then I did some P90X3 training afterwards...
This morning I had to share the treadmill( we should have his and hers treadmills..mine being this from +ProForm ) so I hopped on the elliptical and then did this Shoulder Superset workout is quick but your arms are left shaking.

Tonight we are completing Phase 4 of Bubba's Hawkeye Room.  I am excited to see it done and then I head into town for our last regular season game of Women's Volleyball League.  Next week tournament time starts!

Oh and make sure you fill out a March Madness Bracket this year for Warren Buffett...he is giving out 1 billion dollars for a perfect bracket...see article..I have a 1 in 9.2 quintillion chance, so your telling me theres a chance!  I read ya!


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