MIA, Mascots, and Wrestling

Sooo apparently, in this blogging world, a "real" blogger would post something at least everyday, or every other....and provide some meaningful, poignant, mind blowing information to you...

this ain't that blog....

I am a working (full time) mom, coach, personal trainer, wife, sister, aunt, friend and I have priorities and sadly this blog gets neglected when things get busy.  I get up, workout, get ready, get the kids ready, go to work, come home, get the kids, prepare supper, play with kids, get the kids in bed, clean up the house, do some laundry, and then hit the pillow....so scheduling computer time is few and far between and I am okay with that and for my two readers, I hope they are okay with that too. 

I will still post workouts, and family pictures cause I want to look back on this blog as a memory book of sorts(because I have still yet to put together memory books for my kids, I am such a slacker)
So to recap last weekend until now, some pictures:

Road Trip Green Monster smoothies
 Bubba's wrestling meet
 Big E and Bubba against dad....
 Bubba took 2nd place...we were so proud of how hard he wrestled!!! Good Job B!
 Everybody loves doing dishes...so much in fact that Bubba came home and has asked to wash the dishes every night...(and we have a dishwasher) so who am I to deny him that privilege of washing dishes!  Big E tries to help but has a tendency to just play with the water and not really do much of anything else:)
 Tell me, how do you get comfortable when reading?
 We hit the road early because of impending bad weather, we drove in really bad weather for about an hour and then it was smooth sailing the rest of the way home
 This is one GINORMOUS egg.  So thankful our chickens are happy and warm and still laying a good 6-8 eggs a day throughout the winter.  We have had to give some eggs away because we can't eat them that fast!
 And lastly, I have a little infatuation with Mascots...I love them and this commercial nearly broke me I was laughing so hard!

So there you have it, our week up until now.  I will post workout recaps every Sunday since that is my scheduled rest day.  Workouts vary between crossfit and running since I am preparing for the Tough Mudder and a half marathon, both in May...

More snow is coming today, tomorrow, and Saturday. Not much, thankfully! 
Stay warm all!


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