iFit® and fitgear

There are so many new fitness products coming out on the market this year and I am just drooling over them.  Our CEO at Fitfluential gave us the heads up on some things happening at CES.
As I mentioned in my determinations post that I am going to be running a lot of races (or going to attempt to run a lot of races) this year.  Since we live in Iowa and temperatures right now are -17 below, running outside is not an option really at this point.  Luckily I have a +ProForm treadmill (who is slowly deteriorating) that gets the job done.  
As a fitness blogger I follow a lot of fitness blogs and I am so jealous of my friend +Kristin Stehly who blogs at Stuftmama.  She was recently given the chance to try out a Proform Boston Marathon treadmill with iFit®.  This machine is unbelievable and have added it to my list of "gotta have it"  You can run through the streets of France, Boston, etc...and the fact that it is equipped with iFit® makes it rock even more.
What is iFit®?
"iFit® is the first ever technology to UNIFY your fitness activities at home, in the club, and outside, all with a single login."  
"The iFit® booth has two of the mega-trends that Consumer Electronic Association forecasts for 2014: Wearable health and fitness and the Internet of Things. The CEA predicts the market for personal health and wellness products to grow 142% by 2018 to $8 billion. Running, walking and treadmill activity are the top three participation activities in the 2013 Tracking the Fitness Movement, published by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA).
There are some great things happening in the Sports and Fitness Industry and I love to see all the gadgets that are promoting healthy living.  What is your favorite product to use? 


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