Fun Facts Friday

I see a lot of these posts on Fridays and love how clever people are...
I however, am not that witty, or clever but I am going to give it a go

1. I skipped going to my Friday class this morning because it is like 15 below here and I didn't want to start my car...blah I did my workout at home per usual.  Insert *wimp* card here... you think being an Iowan I would be used to the bitter cold

2. I giggle every time I put Big E in his car seat with his fourteen layers of winter gear because when he is strapped in he does not move a muscle, he sits there like a slug, only his eyes move, and his face is flipping hilarious..

3. Bubba is supposed to wrestle tonight, he is wavering on not going and just chilling at home and I am VERY okay with that...his dad...not so much

4. NARS eyeliner might just be the best thing ever.  I have oily lids and that sucker stays put...all day, without "melting" all over my face...SCORE

5. I should work at Sephora...that place is my "Graceland"..I could spend hours in there just looking at all the pretty makeup...stink eye sister #2 got me a giftcard for Christmas and it is burning a hole in my purse

6. Speaking of stink eye sister #2, I forgot to buy her daughter, my precious niece, Landry a Christmas present this year...WORST AUNT OF THE YEAR award for 2013 goes to me...but this is a new year and I will redeem myself even if she is only 1 and can't really grasp the concept that I forgot, plus I need to make it really annoying and loud so it can drive her parents nuts!  (they deserve it..they gave Eli a bag of 100 balls...ask me how many times we have picked up those balls...)

So I guess that is it for my Fun Facts.  Hope you enjoyed!  Have a great weekend.  We have our last Christmas with Kyle's side of the family.....always crazy with 5 boys running around...yep no girl grand babies...only poor mother in law!


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