Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Holy buckets, this whole "Thanksgiving is late this year so Christmas will only be 3 weeks away scenario " has made things everywhere a bit chaotic with a feeling of "rush rush rush" for Christmas...everywhere...especially in the malls...I almost got taken out by an 80 year old the other day...she was on a mission and I was apparently in her way!
and I hate that...
We are focusing on enjoying the season, relishing the Christmas lights around our house, sitting by the fire, baking Christmas cookies, which we did once already but is on our list for this weekend again, working out to Christmas music, and just everything else that goes with the season....like Christmas Cards..
I love putting them together, finding photos, taking photos, laughing at photos of kid not wanting picture taken or wanting to have their "muscle" pictures taken
#Reasonsmysoniscrying "I don't want my picture taken by myself" go ahead, laugh...that face is priceless!!! That's how we roll!
And the finished product:
 Wishing you and your family a very Blessed Christmas
and a Happy New Year!


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