Lots of reps...

You know it is a good workout when your legs are still shaking at work...lots of reps this morning, challenging my mental toughness...

Yesterday morning I enjoyed some coconut cream with some fresh berries and my "failure" banana bread...the combo was delicious and a perfect way to start the morning.  
 I lifted over my lunch break in our wellness center then enjoyed this delicious grilled chicken salad
Big E and I got to spend a low key night at home, the only one this week, and Kyle and Bubba went in and cleaned the fire station for awhile.  Santa is visiting the fire station on Friday night and they had to make sure it was clean!

I am working late two nights this week...lovely......but I guess we do what we gotta do...right? And at least I have a job...blah blah blah...:) I guess I am just ready for Christmas festivities with the family!


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