I've been "stitched"

For the 4th time, and I really loved this shipment...I have a personal shopper, they send me clothes to my house, and I just return them (postage paid) without having to go to a store.  If I like it, I buy it, if I don't I send it back!  https://stitchfix.com/referral/3047064Join here!----affiliate link

Now.... it wasn't all smiles, unicorns, and giggles the first couple of shipments.  I didn't care for the pieces that were sent and was about ready to cash it in, but a fellow "stitcher" said to be patient and really write in detail what you want on the checkout form.  Be specific.  So I did and I feel that my stylist and I are clicking now!

So here is this months shipment that I just loved.  Everything fit great, the pieces are versatile, unique, and what I wanted!

Jasmen Striped & Layered Hi-Lo Shirt
Aneesa Sail Boat Print Tab Sleeve Top
Alan Cowl Asymmetrical Jacket
  Reggie Skinny Jean

And I felt good knowing that they proceeds from the jeans are benefiting charitable causes!
Reina Open Draped Sheer Stripe Cardigan
The prices on the clothing are somewhat high for me so I do carefully choose what I want. (I am a total clearance rack shopper) But, you can customize to have the lowest priced items which is nice. 

Someone picks out the clothes for you
Great variety
 Good Quality

Some items are a bit pricey

If you are interested in learning more, check out Stitch Fix...
At least try it for 1 month to see how easy and convenient it is....
Plus, it is like Christmas once a month!

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