Flops, Yoga, and Parties

This was not a good baking weekend for me....2 no grain banana breads that would not "harden" up, and my grandmas cookie recipe that would not "fluff" up...
oh don't fret, we are still eating the banana bread...we just microwave it a little longer
the cookies, a little crispy, but still tasty

Saturday workout was a mixture of cardio yoga

 The boys were working cattle all day so I thought some chili would be a yummy supper to warm them back up and who doesn't love cinnamon rolls with their chili...
 Sundaywas meal prep and on the list were breakfast burritos...8 are ready to go in the freezer for mornings on the go! I made more things but I just did not take pictures for some reason...who knows?
 Sunday brought church, laundry, and baking(as mentioned above) and our staff Christmas party...my boss goes above and beyond to see that we have a great time, are well fed.  I may or may not have won Musical chairs...and I may or may not have used my "assets" to push a boy off the chair.....
 Of course the boys got in their swim time. 
 Bubba carrying the egg in the relay race

Another great weekend in the books and it is so hard to imagine Christmas being just around the corner....but I am so stoked for it!  My parents are coming down to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with us this year.  It will be so nice having them here.


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