Annual Hubby/Wife Christmas Shopping Day

As many of you know, Kyle and I always take a day in December to do some "stocking stuffer" and "finish the list" Christmas Shopping.  This year I am on the ball with the majority of their gifts purchased(thank you it was a pretty relaxing shopping day(as relaxing as the day can get with a husband/shopping)

Before our shopping trip I headed into the rec for Friday was a good one, lots of wall balls and I am supposed to have a leg day tomorrow...that is going to be awesome!

My polarFT40 kept losing my heartrate so the reading was definitely not accurate because when it was I know I was working pretty hard!

After we got showered up and got the kids to school and daycare we headed out to begin our day.

We are looking for a hanging heater for our garage(dogs and cats have overtaken my house, we need them to be out in the garage and not freeze to death) We found a couple that were very expensive, I am going to do a little researching online to see what kind of deal I can score.

I was starving. It had been awhile since my post workout protein shake and I was needing some nourishment and beverage.  I was not expecting to order +Starbucks Coffee breakfast when I was getting my Skinny Peppermint Mocha but the Spinach, Feta, Egg Wrap sounded delicious...AND IT WAS....I loved it....

I was fueled up and ready to go! We headed to Kohl's to get Kyle some pants and return some stuff.  Check Check

Mall for some hunting gear for the boys from @scheel's... check check

Jeans for mom from +EXPRESS , I love that they carry long pants....

Finally, Target for the finale(at the mall anyways)...we got a lot of great stocking stuffers for the boys and some odds and ends...I am so excited for Christmas to get here so I can see their faces when they open the presents.  All the planning, buying, plotting is so worth it!

Lunch with the hubby is one of the things of this day that I look forward to the most.  We get a chance to actually sit and talk to each other and take our time eating.  With two boys when we go out to eat we are focused on them and making sure they are eating:)

What trip to Iowa City would be complete without a stop at Costco for the essentials..produce, chicken breasts, body wash, etc...

We picked up Big E on the way home and waited for Bubba to get off the bus.  Ever since I have been putting away groceries, tidying up around the house, laundry, dishes...back to reality.

I look forward to this day during the Christmas season.  I get a chance to have some one on one time with the hubby, we get to go out on a lunch date, and I get to punch him every time he rolls his eyes or acts like he is bored

So now, the boys are in in bed, I am in bed watching White Christmas and all is I just have to get up the gumption to start wrapping the presents!

Goodnight all!  See you tomorrow. 


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