Things I know right now

Life is rolling smoothly along around these parts...

Thanks to daylight savings time the sun is brutal for both the morning and evening commute, even with sunglasses (it is pretty but bright)

Temps dropped but are going to come back up by this weekend...

The hubby and I get a date night with some friends tomorrow night......

No plans for the weekend except tidying up the house, doing some laundry, and resisting the urge to put up Christmas decorations (our tradition has always been the weekend after Thanksgiving when we get home from my parents house)

We are going to do a 24 days of Christmas Countdown this year. I printed 24 activities to be drawn out of a stocking.  Whatever we draw that day, we do that day, no ifs and or buts......hopefully ...will give more deets and pictures later when the time comes

I have been mixing workouts up this week with full body/cardio blasts and steady state cardio(treadmill, incline work, elliptical)  Gotta keep the body guessing:)

 Fitgear featured: C9 Capris from Target, Under Armour Tank, Polar FT40 watch
Fitgear featured: Nike FitSole Zooms (love them, review to come) Old Navy ActiveWear Capris, Polar FT40 Watch

What things do you know? 


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