Thing 1 and 2

Another great weekend home with family spent celebrating these two cutie patooties and their 1st Birthday's!

Pre-birthday my sisters and I hit up fitness center for a workout. I used the Nike NTC App and it was awesome and I was sweating like crazy!
Of course we headed out to breakfast once the wee ones were up....and of course we bring the farm to play with
 Then after some Open House shopping downtown the stink eye sisters and I headed out to Little Prairie Girl's Open House. Rustic, Vintage...these are a few of my favorite things... I love the setting of the barn and all the vendors that come.  People are so talented. 
 I picked up a wire ladder for chump change.  This baby will get a lot of use throughout the seasons..
Saturday night was the birthday celebration with family!
 Bubba has learned how to make bracelets from loom bands---my amazon store and he has not stopped.  He made everyone at the party a bracelet and is still going strong.
 I don't know why but this picture struck me as funny and cute!  Kyle leading the miniature pony...
 Workouts from this week so far......
Full Body, Quick Hiit, and a WOD from WODBOX app to salute our Veteran's!

 I may or may not have done pullups on the side of the bar that had a low ceiling and gave my self a nice little battle wound and almost knocked myself unconscious...i hate pullups and  I was obviously focusing on doing them and not where I was positioned...and that is my story and I am sticking to it!
This morning while hubby went to class, I got a great steady cardio workout in on the ole Proform treadmill(with my Athleta capris that I love)...she may not be pretty but she gets the job done...I listened to Health radio and Chris Kresser was talking about being productive without destroying your health.  It was a great podcast and I came away with a lot of "ideas". 
Pretty low key week here which is nice...hanging with the boys...I can't believe that Thanksgiving will be here in two weeks. 

Do you set weekly, monthly, yearly goals?


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