I am still here and do you have 10 minutes?

Oh hi! Long time no talk eh...well, life has just been trucking along here, workouts are heavy 

Somehow I managed to look constipated instead of tough in that picture

 If you've got 10 minutes you can do this workout.  I repeated it 3 times for a great 30 minutes!~
 Boys are doing great...we are wrestling, we are driving away in cars with Mickey
 Getting along!!!
 Finding a new obsession....so so good!
 My friend sent me a link for The Honest Company, which was started by Jessica Alba.  She gets all her products from there and she thought I should give it a whirl. You can go to the website and sign up for a free ( 5.95 for shipping) trial and you get quite a few products to sample. 
Multivitamins, and Baby "powder" vitamins so you can mix it in their drinks or food
 Lotions, Laundry Detergent, Hand Soap, Face/Hand Cream
 Aren't these diapers the cutest!  You can customize which type of diaper you want. 

We are just trying the products out now so I will let you know what I think once we give them a thorough testing!

So that's what I have for right now.  Volleyball night tonight, with some Christmas decorating to follow this week and weekend.  I can't wait any longer, especially since Thanksgiving is so late in the month this year.  The kids and I are bursting at the seams to get it done. 
Speaking of kids.  Santa, Mom, and Dad, are 90% done with Christmas shopping. Just a few loose ends for the stocking.  What a good feeling!

How are you doing on Christmas Shopping?

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