Proud Momma

I am one proud momma!

We had Bubba's parent teacher conferences last night and we left feeling pretty darn good....................

he is doing awesome in school, he loves reading, he loves learning, volunteers to read in class, helps other students, and enjoys helping the teacher....

*she said he could work on keeping his desk organized better...telling this to an OCD mom was not acceptable and I told her we will get on it right away :)  We all got a good laugh....

I guess Kyle and I are raising him up better than we thought

Because, you know, as parents you are always second guessing yourself, your decisions

Are we expecting too much of him?

Are we pushing him too much?

Are we not pushing him enough?

But last night we found out we are doing pretty darn good and we should be proud of ourselves for raising a terrific kid...*pat on the back*

Way to go Bubba! We are very proud of you!
And to celebrate, you get to spend your day off tomorrow, from school, with mom and Big E, getting our flu shots!!! SUPRISE!! 


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