Packing it in

As I had mentioned before my parents were coming down for the weekend for a visit and we pack as much into one weekend as we possibly can sometimes, and this weekend was no exception!

First I warned them that I would be up early lifting in the a great arm workout and quick HIIT workout in.   
It makes the bench jumps a little tougher when you have to land quietly and jump quietly so not to sound like an elephant jumping  and wake them all up!

My view in the mornings while getting ready, so pretty
We got all prettied up and headed out to Bubba's football game.  It is his last Saturday one and Tuesday night is there last night of flag football which will be played under the lights on the big football field!

Grandma and Grandpa were helping Big E with his kicking skills

 We were getting rained on a bit, and I had no umbrella in the car so I improvised and brought out the sun blocker shields.  They worked perfectly!

 After the game, Kyle, Bubba, and our nephew Kaden headed to the Iowa football game to cheer on the Hawkeyes...they cheered but the Hawks were not victorious. Bubba thinks Kaden is the coolest person in the world and when they are at our house they can be found stripped down to their under armour compression shorts, working out in our basement...every.single.time....."it makes them faster"

Big E and I, stink eye sister #2, Landry, and my parents all headed down to to the Amana Colonies for the Oktoberfest celebration.  Warning: Picture overload coming at ya!

 Bringing the red lipstick...all the time, it is my new obsession!
 Everything you can imagine "made out of bacon" or "tastes like bacon".....stink eye sister really wanted to try the bacon toothpaste..#paleofunnystuff
 After our Oktoberfest fun we had some Kohl's coupons to use up so we headed to the mall for some Target essentials and then to Kohl's.  Bubba is growing so fast so he needed some jeans in the worst way...scooped those up for pretty darn cheap....

Yeah, yeah, grandma has to ride the carousel because mom gets nauseous just looking at the ferris wheel...
 After our shopping fun we headed home, watched the chickens devour my ferns and "The Burbs", one of my favorite all time classic movies ever
Practiced some handstands on Sunday

Meal Prepped
ground turkey, brussel sprouts, paleo bread, sweet potatoes, chicken

Started decorating for Halloween
Painted Pumpkins

Enjoyed my lights from Costco that flicker and have a remote's the little things people

What a great weekend...which just flew by....but we get to go see them this weekend again when we go home, basketball starts up pretty soon so we won't be getting back home that frequently so we are taking advantage now....we haven't seen our nieces or nephew in ages and I miss them so....and I miss stink eye sister #1....looking to spend some major quality time playing and loving on them!

What was your weekend like?


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