New month, new goals

I love October...the colors, the smells, the sweater/boot combos, harvesting the crops, and the cooler weather (but not too cool)
And I feel like with October comes new fitness goals for the season, switching out my summer goals and starting fresh crisp  

like apples..which are in abundance this year thanks to the ripe growing conditions..

1. Handstands are big "to do" for me...big in that they are challenging, strengthening, require focus and concentration, and I am going to work on them consistently this month

2. I have been consistently lifting heavy weights for a while now and I love the changes I am seeing, and I want to continue to lift heavy with two cardio HIIT days in between

3. I really enjoy personal training and I would like to add more clients to my list so I am going to work on marketing myself and my brand to people and businesses.  (stepping out of my comfort zone)

4. Work on my youtube channel, providing more exercises demonstrations, product reviews, and, if only someone could pay me to stay home and do this it would be a lot easier:)

Well, looks like I have my work cut out for me this month...but I can't wait to report back on October 31st and talk about how I feel I did in regards to tackling and achieving my goals. 

Do you feel with each new season it is a restart?


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