Featured as Fit Mama Friday, check it out

First things first, head on over to Carly's blog FineFitDay and check out ME as her featured Fit Mama Friday post.  She did a fantastic job and I very much appreciated her showcasing me
Leg Day

Practicing handstands at work as part of my 10 handstands-a-day challenge for myself
 Had to return some stuff to GNC and so with some of my credit I restocked my Quest Bar stash...

 And of course we can't go to the mall without making a stop on the rides located strategically around the perimeter of the stores
This stuff rocks when making the Paleo Sandwhich Bread from Against All Grain....so yummy by itself too. It is a bit pricey though so I might have to start making my own.
We lost another tooth. This tooth has been loose for forever, and it finally came out...and I failed at "tooth fairy" duties last night...I suck at being the tooth fairy....I admit it, I told him I would email her and tell her that she forgot...
 Great partner workout at the rec this morning with AMY!  It was a killer...and from what I remember in between gasping for air...there were sprints, burpees, wall handstands, wall balls, overhead carries, squats...
 And here is how I curl my hair in the morning...

Any big plans for this weekend?

We are heading to Oktoberfest in the Amana Colonies with my family who is coming down for a visit.  We are so excited to see them!  Cross your fingers that the rain stays away!


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