All in the family

The boys and I headed back to my hometown for the Saturdays are starting and our time back will be limited so we took advantage of a free weekend.
I got to enjoy the beautiful weather and completed a sprint/stair workout at our high school(I was going to do a track sprint workout but it was really dark at 5a.m. so I opted to stay where it was well lit)  It was nice because there are two sets of stairs and I could sprint to one set go up or down sprint again and just keep going in a circle...
30 seconds sprint/stairs
30 seconds rest
30 minutes

We were able to watch my niece play soccer, and by that time, the beautiful wind free weather had gone by by, and it was a little cool and breezy for game time

 And if you saw my instagram you know I heard this kitten meowing when I went out for my workout at 5 a.m.(underneath and up in a neighbors truck) and kept hearing it throughout the day. Just by accident I saw it run under our neighbors deck...I did not want it to be alone and scared so we brought him to our house.  She(Hyde) "because she hides from us alot" is getting used to the dogs and our chaotic family....kind of
 I got to spend time with this cutie patootie, and it is his birthday today!!!
Happy Birthday Tater Tot!
People wonder where I get my organizational OCD GRANDPA...this is his corn crib, where he works on his tractors and stuff for the farm...he spends countless hours in here and everything is in its place...screws, nuts, bolts, etc...drawers are labeled, things are hung in each spot...I love it! 

 After a busy busy Saturday, we returned home and spent Sunday at the football fields..last football game for Kyle to coach and for my nephew Kaden to play...luckily the weather was fantastic and we enjoyed hanging outside and soaking up the sun.
 We are a family of sportsters here people, we spent Monday night watching Kyle's cousin Chandler play volleyball. They WON and are finishing up the regular season next week and then heading into District play...looking forward to watching those games.    Every time I watch a high school,collegiate match it makes me miss it so much...
 It was Pink Out to raise Breast Cancer Awareness, and the whole family was out in full force!
Two great workouts so far this week...yesterday legs, today arms...

 I had forgotten about this tricep exercise until I saw my friend Summer post it on Instagram...and have loved putting it back in the rotation of workouts

So I packed a lot into one blog post yet again, but when you are crunched for time you do what you gotta do!

Are you and organizational wizard?

I would really like to get our garage organized better.  I have plans...just need to find the time!


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