Whew, a leg workout was on the schedule this morning.....and it burned...lots of supersets and heavy weights....loved it...I am so thankful to be able to lift weights and do what I do...
 I say it time and time again but weeks go so fast around here and I am seriously trying to soak up each and every moment.....we have some big dealings going on in this household right now and I am so excited to see what unfolds...

Salads were the name of the game for lunches around here most days, they are so easy to throw together and pack quite the nutritious

Hamburger with tomatoes, basil, and spinach...
Paleo Granola
Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls from Taylor Made it Paleo
Meal Prep for the week
Gingered Beef with Carrots and Celery
We got apples, lots of apples, and we be canning some applesauce up in here.
Lastly, most of my meal prep for this week has included the use of this baby, the slow cooker.......so easy...just set it and forget it:)


Do you meal prep?

I do, for the most part, and I find that it makes life a lot smoother on weeknights and allows me more time with my kids....now if I could just find that button that guarantees me extra hours in the day


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