Single parenting, homecoming, and a tabata workout

What beautiful weather we have been having here in good ole Iowa!  I would love for this to continue for quite awhile.

While I mentioned here that the hubby got a new job, he still had to go to Seattle this week for work at his old I have been single parenting it, which is relatively easy with my two boys...they are great, we get home, we collect our eggs from the coop, we play, we eat, we play, they shower, we watch a few minutes of T.V. and then the boys drift off to lalaland while I get things done around the house. 

Monday night at work we had a cookout at my boss's camping spot, we took a couple van load and headed out to the lake...what a beautiful view, side note: this picture was taken right before I dropped my camera and pulverized it...which meant filing another insurance claim for another new phone.....I have had awful luck with my phones this time around....
Wednesday was cardio day and I put together a little tabata session..which kicked my butt...

This morning was a leg day, I have been working on using a new form of lifting, slow and controlled movements, and my legs are jello....and I kind of feel like the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz
Short day for me at the office, picking up Big E and we are heading to the airport to go get Kyle. The boys miss him so much when he goes on these they have been looking forward to Thursday since Monday:)

Busy night for us again, it is Homecoming week for our high school, so to the parade we go tonight to cheer on our Raider teams...should be awesome weather!


What is your high school mascot?  Did you have a Homecoming parade?

We were the Falcons and yes, we got out of school early for it.  The volleyball team rode a firetruck through town...I should find a picture of it....on it...


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