I owe you a recap....

And here it is.....
 Life has been crazy and I am enjoying and savoring each moment
B and I get time to hang out in the morning before the bus...always a good time!
 That morning I did a "deadmill" workout....ooh, baby, it burns.  Your start with your treadmill off and begin sprinting as fast as you can for 20 seconds then rest for 40(you will need all 40 seconds)


 I got a great Crossfit workout in

 We partied like rockstars at a friend's wedding, which included fireworks and a photo booth!


 Was spent working around the house, cleaning, hanging out, enjoying the cooler temperatures


Woke up to some MUCH COOLER temperatures so I took advantage...the boys were sleeping so I hammered out some back/bicep work and then hit the road for a quick 3 mile run....the air was crisp, fresh, and I loved it...

 then, this happened....
We caught wind of some free tickets to Adventureland so my mother in law, father in law, nephews, us, kyles cousins, aunt, and more and more family all took a road trip to Adventureland

We have no girls for grandchildren in my husbands side of the family...

To say the boys had a great time would be an understatement...they had so much fun!  They were cashed by the time we got home so early bedtimes were had by all....

And lastly today, we had to head back to the old grind....work........but that also means I got a chance to head back to Pro-Fit for some crossfit action.  We have been working, prepping, getting ready for "Jackie" tomorrow...I am nervous and excited....it is my first benchmark workout...and it is a doozy~!

And I ended the night with some yoga work on the screen porch since the weather is still so awesome!!



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