Fall, Football(again), and a workout

Okay, I have really got to get back on the posting everyday train because these recap posts get longer and longer...

Friday= Arm Day and Prisoner Pushups were on the agenda...ooh, they are a total body workout that is for sure...
Our Friday night was spent watching our football team play their Homecoming game

Saturday= cardio day and I brought it..Kyle was supposed to do the workout with me but he did something to his back lifting heavy machinery so he opted for the elliptical...lucky
It was set up to a be a partner workout but it works fine on own too, which I did
Partner Version:
Farmer Carry while other partner completes first exercise, then switch

Single Version:
Complete Farmer Carry for 40 yards after every exercise

 After the workout I headed up to KOFitness Open House. They are a new gym here in the Iowa City area(locals, check it out) I am going to be doing some personal training and hopefull some group training, for them, so I had to fill out some paperwork. 

I hauled tail back to town to watch Bubba in his flag football game. He just keeps learning each game and it is so fun to watch him develop his skills.

 Big E's favorite part....shaking hands at the end with dad!
What I reach for when the stomach is growling.............

 Saturday afternoon was spent indoors because it rained, and rained, and rained...I was supposed to attend our 15 year school reunion but things were crazy at home and on the farm so we had to stay home, but did enjoy watching the Iowa football game with some great friends!

Sunday the weather was absolutely gorgeous...while Bubba and Kyle went to football, Big E and I went golfing, to the park, and picked up our pumpkins from his uncle whose pumpkin patch did really well this year...obviously....
 The outside of my house is finally "fall" tastic...

Do you have a pumpkin patch?

We did but did not survived the hot summer...I was bummed...Next year I plan on having a big ole pumpkin patch with all different assortments.

Try my workout above and let me know how it goes!


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