Why ask why?

Why must my legs be sore from wall balls?

Because wall balls rock and if they are sore it means you did them right and you will have legs and buns of steel!

Why would my debit card not work last night at the Reebok outlet when buying my son's shoes and they said they had to take my card from me?

Well that is because someone tried to use your card in New Mexico and Michigan and they were trying to figure out if those were legit charges but didn't bother to call or tell you about it. 

Why did you bleach the tub and all the bath toys last night?

Oh that too is a funny story, I hear Big E yelling that he went potty in the tub so I head on in to change out the water..funny when he said potty he meant poopy....and oddly he was very proud of himself for going poopy in the bathtub....enter in the 8,303,3987 talk on why we go poopy in the potty....

Why would somebody throw their old couch in our ditch?

Well that is simple...they are lazy piles of #$%#, how hard is it to take a flipping couch to a landfill or somewhere to dispose of it properly.....  I am taking a picture tonight and posting it on Facebook to see if anyone recognizes it...this happens all the time, Christmas trees, garbage, etc....and quite frankly I am sick of it...

And lastly, why did I make this breakfast casserole this morning?

My mom made this casserole on each 1st day of school and I wanted to continue the tradition for my boys...

As I was taking the picture a plane flew overhead...side note: we love planes 

So there you have it, some times you just have to ask WHY?


Did your kids start school today?


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