Welcome to First Grade!

Did you love the photo dump from last weekend....lots of activities packed in one weekend.
Last night was Bubba's school open house.  He starts 1st grade on Wednesday...I have a first grader...how does time fly so fast!
He is so excited he woke up this morning chanting it is school day today, he was bummed when I told him it wasn't until tomorrow.....
and this morning he told me he wasn't scared to go to school, that he was grown up now and that he would help out the others that were scared....sniff sniff, proud momma moment

And then he proceeded to tell me about a kid at football last night who kept repeating everything he said and wouldn't leave him alone and he couldn't understand why he kept doing that when he told him to stop....after I calmed down my momma bear rage I tried to explain how some kids think they need attention by picking on other kids and that he should just walk away and ignore him...for those of you who know Bubba, he is one of the most tender hearted,sensitive kids around...gets it from his father, so this bugged him.  Momma bear will be at football practice tonight...

Enough of that...got a great couple of workouts in already this week
Crossfit at ProFit Gym
Wall Balls in preparation for "Karen" this weekend....my legs are sore

Bootcamp at the rec center
I absolutely love these tanks from Danskin, at WalMart, they are moisture wicking, comfortable, and only $6....I cleaned out all the colors except for two, but I will be going back to get them!

My meal planning has been a mess the last two weeks due to vacations and now the wedding this weekend.  I will be back with those after this weekend.  I will have one recipe for you on Thursday.  Roast Chicken, crockpot, simple, easy, .....

While the boys were at football Big E asked if we could go to the park for a little bit...and he wanted me to take pictures...I have created a monster


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