Tough Mudder "grade school" style

What an absolutely fantastic weekend spent with family and friends.  To say we were exhausted on Sunday night would be an understatement.  Rather than blabber on I will let the pictures and video speak...

Crossfit, Costco trip, walks to Grandma and Grandpas, "loving" "smothering" the cat

Kyle and I got our early morning workout on thanks to ProFit Gym

Then the 4 of us loaded up the car and headed to CR. For our insurance we are "encouraged" by incentives to get our Biometric Screening takes all your "vitals" and shows you how you are doing...I was happy with mine(and I did better than Kyle) is a running joke every year to see who has the best..
it is who we I are/am....

We drove separately so Bubba and I could head out and get our school shopping groove on..what a great time spent with B...he is always busy farming with dad or football with dad, so it was nice to have some 1-1 time with him. We started the trip off right with a little Starbucks run to get us energized, followed by Target, HuHots, and Cold Stone Creamery....

 Saturday night some friends of ours decided to put together a little "tough mudder" for the was SO MUCH FUN! The kids just loved it!

Thanks Ackerman's!!!


..was spent around the house, the boys working in the garden, me cleaning up the house, laundry, dishes, etc...

And of course some BB gun target practice....
And it is that time of year for salsa making....I have said it time and time again, Kyle makes the best salsa! And knowing all the ingredients were from our garden and peach tree(one single peach that grew this year) was the icing on the cake.

 After salsa/Big E woke up from his nap we headed into the golf course to play a few holes....well, when we got there it was really busy so we just chipped and putted for awhile....which is okay, because my short game needs some major help!

 And we rounded out the night with another sweet corn feed! Their favorite summer food.

So as you can see our weekend was jam packed but filled with great friends, great food, and lots o' fun, and this week proves to bring the same...
  • 3 day work week
  • The Iowa State Fair
  • Visiting friends
  • Hometown fun days and parade
  • Family time
The list goes on and sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram so you don't miss a minute of the excitement!


Our Iowa State Fair is a huge deal and I have gone every year since I can you have a State Fair?


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