Things I learned at Crossfit yesterday

Every month for the past 6 months or so Kyle has had to go to Seattle for work(Monday-Thursday), which then means single parenting it for me, which is really no big deal because my boys are pretty fantastic and are pretty easy to take care of, but time flies by when you are manning them by yourself, I find I finally get to relax around 10:30 and then I just want to watch my Friends reruns.......
........ this is hopefully the last of those trips for Kyle for a little while and we are looking forward to him being home tonight!

I have been loving my crossfit workouts at ProFit gym, I had the chance yesterday to make it to the gym and Tabatas, 8 rounds (20 seconds work/10 second rest) were in store for us.
KB Snatch
Bent over row
lateral lunges with DB
mountain climbers
tempo runs

And now, it's time for....

Things I learned at Crossfit yesterday:

I learned the correct form on KB Snatch, which was so helpful.  I was doing too much squatting!  Totally changed how I felt during and after....

Kettlebell Snatch

I learned I LOVE rowing...I need to get a machine for my home gym

I learned that I look down a lot when I am working out...gaze should be on the horizon...the instructors happily reminded me of that over and over and over

I learned that I shouldn't forget my gloves because blisters form quickly, but that is okay, who wants girl-sissy hands anyways
This morning I focused on Yoga and played around with some handstands....
I know I haven't posted a workout here in awhile, they are all sitting on my desk waiting to be transformed into a cut pinnable image for everyone to enjoy....I need an assistant...wouldn't that be nice...ah, to dream

Any big plans for the weekend?
We are getting biometric screenings for our health insurance
Bubba and I are going school shopping
Kids Tough Mudder with friends (pictures to come)


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