Slooowwwwwww week

I am coming off of two weeks of shortened work weeks so having to work 5 WHOLE DAYS , in a row, is taking more day till Friday, one more day till Friday....

Not much has been happening around here...the weather has been so freaking hot that we aren't able to do a ton of stuff outside

Kyle is busy making salsa, marinara sauce, and tomato juice...he is so good.  I get so bored with it but he trudges right along and we are stocking up pretty well! 
 Monday I was a sweaty mess from Crossfit at Pro-Fit
 WE GOT BROWN EGGS excited that more of our chickens are joining the egg laying business!!!
 I had to fight through Tuesday's legs were cashed from squat thrusters on Monday
Wednesday was another Crossfit day...sled pushes/pulls....another sweaty mess from this heat....#sweatymess at crossfit, #sweatymess at golf night....

I realized I never recapped the wedding... I didn't take hardly any pictures from the wedding because the wedding was out in no man's land and my battery was drained searching for a signal.  Stink eye sister #1 took quite a few with her camera but the likelihood of her downloading them and sending them to me this year is very highly unlikely

Heading into the hotel, we stayed at the Hilton Council Bluffs /Omaha East (great hotel, highly recommend it)...they look so cute pulling their own suitcases...and wearing their backpacks...

Fitness room was great, I got a great workout in early on Saturday morning while the boys slept in from a late night..Attention Precor...I want all 3 of these machines for Christmas please...I loved having the T.V. right on the console...

Pre-Wedding with the cousins
 The Wedding Chapel was beautiful
 These two are one in the same, they are going to be trouble!! Looks like Miss J is toasting her glass to the couple:)

And to leave you with some brother love...relaxing before bed! Man I love those two!

That was a lot in one post....on the agenda today, Crossfit, working late, and some fall craft projects at home...I have about 3 projects I need to get done but the heat makes it hard for paint to dry, and for me to work out in the garage...

Have a great day!


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