My first Crossfit class

I finally got the chance to use my Groupon for Crossfit classes at Pro-Fit Gym....a former personal training partner Aaron started this gym ( back when I first started personal training at Gold's Gym, he was there with me)....a long time ago..anyways, he is a fantastic trainer and very experienced and knowledgeable so I knew I would want to try out his gym when I had the chance.

I feel like I am pretty akin to the terms and exercises associated with Crossfit...I use the WODBoxApp all the time for my own workouts at home
see here
or here
oh yeah, here too

but I was still pretty nervous and anxious heading to the gym...I am not an extrovert in the gym at all. I am the one who finds her spot at the back of the class, quietly gets myself and equipment ready, and waits to begin and I was pretty sure that wouldn't fly at Pro-Fit...

I headed into the gym a little ahead of time to get paperwork filled out, check out my surroundings, look at the workout, etc..Cody greeted me right away, gave me a tour, described what was going to go down and what to expect...The WOD of the day was 5 rounds, and the exercises were all ones I have done before(squat cleans, kb swings) in my own WOD's and included the one thing I hate the most...PULLUPS!!!

While I had done the exercises at home, I was doing some of them somewhat was so great having Kayla and Cody explain things and teach me the correct form and I could definitely feel a difference...

 Post WOD

Going to the class made me love Crossfit even more and I cannot wait to get back to Pro-Fit! If you are in the Iowa City, Coralville area CHECK THEM OUT!!


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