Capturing life's moments with Technology

I love technology, I love social media, and if you see me, you will see that my phone is in my back pocket, in my hand, or sitting next to me. 

I am not talking on it but rather using it to capture life's moments

My boys are  growing so fast...and I feel that, while I am taking "mental pictures", I can not get enough "real pictures" and because I have a Samsung Galaxy 4 and the camera is fantastic on it, I can take great pictures at the drop of a hat and not miss moments such as:

cousin love

Enjoying PaleoOMG chocolate waffles

Starting 1st grade
 Beating your younger cousin at an inflatable obstacle course race

 And pictures to keep for their graduation parties letting them know that we dressed them up in silly costumes and paraded them in front of the town
Good times with friends 

Lastly, technology has also allowed me to expand my personal training business.  I can tape workouts, download the plan and send it to people across state, country, or sea..I love the fact that I am able to connect and help so many different people!

People always ask why I take so many pictures of what I eat, what I do, my family, is because I am connecting with people through those pictures and maybe encouraging people to eat a little healthier, workout a little more, and to capture life's moments....


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