Weekend Recap

Before we begin the recap, I forgot to recap our grilled beets endeavor...THEY WERE AMAZING...they carmelized, and got all sweet and I left them just a little bit al dente so they had some crunch....Bubba, my 6 year old, ate 3 heaping spoonfuls....

Grilled Beets
Extra Virgin Olive Oil to cover
Pink Salt
Wrap in foil
Grill for 20 minutes

Friday Fun started off with a box full of sample goodies from Vitacost. They sell so much great product from proteins, to energy drinks, vitamins, etc....and their prices are very reasonable.  (I was not paid to say that, as always opinions are my own and honest)

Friday night, I thought our boy's baseball team played in town, so we loaded up the bikes, headed it to town early to play at the park and then go to the game....we played at the park, we biked to the fields...no game...they weren't playing at home that night...oh well, we got a great family bike ride in and some fun play time at the park.

Saturday morning I got a workout in bright and early. A round of TurboFire55 and a leg workout...I could feel the muscles during my yoga session today...
 Our apparel is questionable on weekends.....Big E leads the pack

 I got to spend some time with this little lady and my parents. They were babysitting while stink eye sister 2 and her hubby were at a destination wedding in Tahoe...(jealous)
 My parents do not have a Costco where they live..I know, the horror, so we took a little family road trip and I gave them the tour...my boys were at the fair with their dad so I got to shop by myself, I didn't know how to shop by myself, I was still in fast mode, get the list, get the items on thelist, and get out.....
 Saturday night we enjoyed a pool party held by our little league baseball program.  The boys had a great time and despite the "cooler" temperatures that day the water was pretty warm and we didn't get too cold
 And today, Sunday...we are working on putting gates up around the chickens, cleaning, and hanging out.  We are also hoping to head to the golf course after Big E wakes up from his nap. 
My loves/ tough guys
How was your weekend?


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