Packing it all in....

That is what we do on weekends when we head home to visit my parents...and this weekend was no exception....

Saturday morning breakfast at Legends
 The hotness has been upon us for a week now so we cooled off at the pool

 I snuck in a 6 mile run with my Mizuno Sayonaras while Kyle was golfing, Bubba was still swimming and Big E was legs were heavy, it was hot, and I was a sweaty mess..but I got it in and was happy.
 Saturday night we headed out to our family pond for some fishing, hotdogs, and smores...

 Isn't this a gorgeous view.....
 Enjoying smores
This picture is funny to us and here is why.....see how his fingers are up ever so slightly like he is drinking some proper British tea...well Big E, at times, talks with a British accent......and now he is holding his food like that.....he is such a character

 I got some time with my Tater man.....
 Bubba caught a fish right when we were getting ready to leave...they were not biting at all....he was so pumped..
 Grandma wanted a picture of the kids...

Take 1
 Take 2
 Take 3
 I don't know if I accidentally pushed video or what but it is funny to watch the two littles go from somewhat happy to angry!!!
 Before heading out of town we go

 Sunday Meal Prep

Monday: Zucchini Pizza Boats
Tuesday: SunButter, Chicken Sweet Potato, Roasted Zucchini
Wednesday: Crock Pot Ribs
Thursday: Pork Loin Chops, Indian Coleslaw
Friday: Grilled Pizzas
Saturday: Fireman's Street Dance, Supper there
Sunday: Turkey Burgers, Sugar Snap Pea Salad

What an absolutely fantastic weekend!!!
What was your weekend like?
Did you prep any meals on Sunday?


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