KO'd this mornings workout

KO'd.....as in KNOCKED OUT cold...okay, I didn't knock anyone or anything out but I did put together a boxing bag workout for my cardio burst after back/bicep training...
I loved this workout, it was hard, but it was awesome to just punch the shit out of something and release tension....

Yesterday was a great day, I took some of our residents up to the Czech Museum and we checked out the Madeline Albright pins display.
Every pin had a story and it was really interesting to read how she picked the pins to wear when she was meeting with all the foreign leaders and for special events.

They had free coffee and this stuff smelled delicious...and it tasted delicious. Hopefully I will be able to find this in some k-cups
 I love Julie over at PaleOMG and her recipes are fantastic, she gives it to you straight and doesn't sugar coat anything....WORD!
 We spent the night at the ballpark...the weather was gorgeous and our boys ran away with the game winning 11-3! We play for a State Tournament berth tonight!  Good Luck Raiders!
 The boys watching the game.  Poor Bubba, Big E wants to be everywhere he is, and usually smack dab in the middle too...luckily Bubba is pretty tolerant of the little one and let's him tag along.

I forgot to take a picture of supper last night which was yummy and I forgot the leftovers for lunch today...brilliant, right....nothing is more irritating than forgetting leftovers and knowing that they are just sitting in the fridge at home, all their deliciousness....wasted....
I have this weird thing about eating leftovers more than one day after I cooked them...don't ask, don't judge

What a night!
Anything on your agenda tonight? I am hoping to hit Costco up quick after work.  Quick being the key word here..


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