Cracka lacka

Things have been kind of crazy around here since I am single parenting it and temperatures are 100 plus...but the hubs is back and the boys are very happy to see their daddy!

I am just going to do a quick recap of workouts the last couple of days since I have been slacking on blogging...but you can always check out shameless selfies of myself and my workouts on my instagram


 BACK/BICEPS with TurboFire Greatest Hits
And here is where the cracka lacka comes in...Cracked Nut Butter on Etsy.
I got the cookie dough and it is freaking amazing, it tastes just like cookie dough and just look at the ingredients

I have eaten the nut butter on cucumbers...sounds weird yes, but it was quite tasty...

And I made 3 ingredient protein balls with it....
8-9 dates
1/2 cup Cracked Nut Butter
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut 
Pulse together and form into balls
Try not to eat them all
If there are any left, freeze

and I leave you with a view from our back deck
I love seeing our crops growing and the peacefulness of farmland..
just 5 minutes earlier, a huge coyote was running through the fields...wonderful

What is your favorite nut butter?

I am starting a Insanity T25 challenge group on August 1st...this is 25 minutes of high intensity, balls to the wall..if you are interested please let me know in the comments below...


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