On your marks, get set....chaos

It is about to get cray cray up in this household....

what...I can so totally pull off slang...

no....moving on

But it is going to get real busy...

Today is Bubba's last day of swimming lessons. I took the morning off from work yesterday to watch him and I am so happy to see how much more confident he is in the water...almost a little to cocky:) 

Man that water looks so refreshing...I wanted to jump in with him, I was sweating like a pig sitting on the deck watching

And now to the busy....we start with this weekend...parents are coming down to visit.  They always make it a point to come down to watch us run in the 4th of July(but held on June 29th) Firecracker Run and to watch the boys run in their races too.  The great thing about this year is that my sister and her kids are coming to visit and race with us too.  We cannot wait!  I am grilling up a storm for them tonight.
2010 fun
2011 fun
2012 fun this one ended in stitches

So tomorrow we spend the day racing, and having some fun at Kid's Day in town.  Lots of inflatable rides, games, and the tractor pull.  Last year was a blast and the weather looks perfect again this year!

We are also doing a lot of work around the house this weekend because we are hosting a little 4th of July get together with friends after the parade and before Fireworks.  You know, gotta cram about 4 weeks of outside work into 2 days so the place can look presentable...right...

Then next week is 4th of July week which means vacation for our family.  We are coordinating our vacation with our local baseball team playing in St. Louis.  We get to watch a major league game at Busch Stadium and then our boys play a team on the field later that night.  We have stops planned at the Zoo, Science Station and of course pool time at the hotel.  It should be a great time and the boys are going to have a blast!

Whew, I am exhausted just thinking about it but cannot wait!

Busted my butt this week lifting and working out at the rec!
 #underarmour capris, tank #mizunosayonara shoes
#underarmour spine shoes, underarmour capris, reebok tank

If I haven't lost you yet, I wanted to share this video of Big E at the chuckwagon races last weekend.  They have a PeeWee race and he wanted to participate.  Him and the other little boy on his 4 person team were the only ones doing anything...and I was not aware that horses hopped.  
Enjoy! we didn't quite take first place....

Are you taking vacations?


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