I am a Pin Up Girl

Okay, not really but I am linking up to a Pin-It Party( I know, terrible play on words, but hey it is early) with Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean

pin it party Pin It Party

All bloggers are welcome to participate! Here’s what you do:
  • Round up 5 blog posts you’ve written that you would like to see on Pinterest.
  • Make sure there is a nice, pinable image or photo included in each post.
  • Write a short post featuring the posts you chose- ie, put 5 nice images & links to the posts all in one place, along with a short description of each post.
  • On Thursday, publish your post, then visit The Bean and add your post to the linkup! (If you’re just reading this today and still want to participate, just publish in the next few days…I’ll leave the linkup open for about a week!)

The only rule is this:

If you add your post to the linkup, please take a few minutes to visit at least three other posts  and pin some of their images!


So without furthur delay, here are my pin-it posts from last week... 

1. A workout one of my clients enjoyed

2. Taking it easy on myself and stop comparing after a not so fun 1/2 marathon
 3. Another workout that left me sore for days

4. Oh, and what is this?   Another workout.....
5. And lastly, a recipe for SunButter Chicken...which was a big hit with the family
So, there you have it, head on over to Lindsay's and link up! 

If you are on pinterest, leave me your name, I would love to follow you.  Follow me here


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