The hubby said I looked badass with my lifting gloves on...I agree tried unsuccessfully

*I should feel badass after the class at the rec, it was full of bust your butt AMRAP's and stations
   wiw: Under Armour Shirt, MPG Capris, Mizuno Inspires, Polar heart rate monitor 

 Breakfast was a yummy chicken sausage, spinach, and egg scramble
*click, take a pic* Big E checking out Diego on the Kindle on the ride to daycare.  I love hearing him reply back to the questions they ask and the answers being correct.  Kids are such sponges at this age 

your singing the Diego song aren't you.....your welcome
Another baseball night tonight if the rain holds out.  Sounds like it could be a rainy the boys and I will probably be venturing to Costco and Target for some fun errands. 

What plans do you have for the weekend?


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