Wednesday workout for you and baseball begins

Yesterday morning I needed a quick workout that incorporated strength and cardio.  I didn't want anything too strenuous since I am "taking it easy" in preparation for our Tough Mudder race this weekend.   
I cannot wait, the wives and I were chatting about it last night and it got me all excited.... 

Breakfast was another delicious scramble
 It was our monthly "Lunch Bunch" at work  so we visited was fantastic, I had the Southwest Chicken Salad and ate dang near every last bite (except for the breadstick, I wasn't feeling that)
 Snack was an apple with some Maranatha Almond Butter
 After work we had a busy night planned because it was Bubba's first night of baseball practice. 
 Of course Big E had to play at the park and try out all the slides
 A little batting practice...
1. Have you signed up to win a cardigan from Yogi Clothing

2. Have you joined my Under Armour Challenge Team

If you said yes, then pat yourself on the back
If you said no, then do it now...


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