Sponsored: Under Armour What's Beautiful Challenge #1 completed..a Tough Mudder recap

We are home from our Tough Mudder run, and all I can say is "hell yes"


Yes, the obstacles were tough. Yes we ran through miles and miles of mud.
Yes, I loved every minute of this event....because I was pushing myself past my comfort zone.

Case in point: I am not "friendly" with heights and there were more than a couple high obstacles that had me feeling unsure...the thoughts of just going halfway up passed through my head on more than one occasion, but I pushed the negative out, told myself to suck it up, and got through it!
We traveled in luxury this time around...one tricked out RV that our friends mom had just purchased and graciously let us use...it was awesome...

                                                                                                    Hubby and I were outfitted in Under Armour, literally from head to toe
                                                              Pre-Mudder Photo Op with the Team
 After an obstacle or two, or three, or fifteen
Post Mudder/ElectroShock Therapy Obstacle
Best Obstacles:

15 foot drop into water
Pretty much all of them

Worst Obstacles:

Anything tall
Electro Shock Therapy...it literally knocked me on my ass... 
it was like it tensed every muscle in my body and my legs just crumbled...and I crawled the rest of the way out of the mud...

The weather was perfect, partly sunny, not too hot, a breeze to cool us off..we couldn't of asked for a better day....

We are already planning next years team race and I can't wait

Since this knocked out my Under Armour What's Beautiful Challenge #1, I am moving onto the next challenge...

PR my 10K at the Memorial Run this weekend in my hometown. Last year I ran a 48.49....I am going for under 45.00

Interested in joining my challenge team, go here and sign up. 

This post was sponsored by Fitfluential and Under Armour women as part of their #whatsbeautiful campaign


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