Prep work "mock mudder"

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning like always so I got a little prep work for the week, paleo blueberry muffins for breakfasts
I prepped while I waited anxiously nervously for the rest of our Tough Mudder team guys to get to our house so we could start our "mock mudder".  Kyle and some of the guys spent the night before scoping out a route, setting up obstacles to simulate what we will be going through on the 18th.  
 all decked out in head to toe UnderArmour(which performed beautifully through each culvert, each pond, and mud), and my mizuno shoes...

I couldn't take pictures of all the obstacles, so I got some here and there...we were getting ready to carry the tires up the hill on this one...
This picture marked mile number 5, we were leaving after getting a little breather after carrying blocks of wood up my brother-in-laws driveway....which felt like the longest, highest hill ever
 A little video of one of the culverts we went through...they started out big and got smaller and smaller, on one we were crawling through it...not gonna lie the water was cool but it felt good on the legs
 We finished...through mud, rain, ponds, culverts, cornfields, and over round bales of hay...
It seriously was fun, challenging, and I loved the obstacles.  My legs were burning by mile #10 though and felt like they weighed 100lbs each.  Today my legs are tired by I am not too sore which is in part to doing some of my after run stretches...and yoga.

 While we were running, pork ribs, loins, and all kinds of yummy things were cooking away in the smoker.  After showering up it was nice to spend time with friends relaxing and chatting. 
 My poor Mizuno's took a beating but performed beautifully.  Good thing I am getting a new pair this week.  These babies are going to carry me through the Tough Mudder too. 
 I wish I could of taken more pictures of every obstacle but it was raining, my phone was already wet, and wet fingers are hard to make a touch screen maneuver correctly.  The guys did a great job setting up the course and it was a lot of fun runing with them.  Can't wait for the Mudder.

And some news on the homefront, potty training is happening....why? He has gone #2 twice on his own in the bathroom and we weren't forcing it but we do encourage it....well I got a little cocky and left his diaper off...he proceeded to pee on my bed cover and then the floor...potty training today mom 0 - Eli 2....

Have you ever done a Tough Mudder or obstacle race?


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