A co-worker called me a fashionista the other day….and I politely declined that title because I am in no way a fashionista…

I am kind of a “go with what you feel like” kind of gal, which rarely includes skirts, panty hose, or turtlenecks…to name a few things…

I like flowy tops, flowy dresses, and things that are comfortable…

Which is why I was so stoked when Maria from YogiClothing asked if I would like to review some of their clothing. I have loved posting clothing items from their line under my Yoga Pinterest board. They also have a great Pinterest board and Instagram account... check them out! 
Yogi Clothing

I was given the opportunity to pick out two things form their online site. 
I chose this pretty dress and comfy cardigan

The dress came at a perfect time as we were heading to a spring wedding and I was in dire need of something new to wear.  I loved everything about this dress.  The cut, the fit, the flowy fabric, and then print selections.  I got so many compliments on the dress and how unique it was. 

The Cardigan was just as amazing, I wish I would of asked for a medium because it did run a little large on me, but nonetheless, it was so comfy. This cardigan is something I can wear to work, to church, to the gym,, or just around home. 

I was so happy with both of my choices and love the clothing line.  I am very grateful to Maria at YogiClothing for the opportunity to review these pieces. 

And since YogiClothing is so awesome, they want to give to one of my lucky readers their very own cardigan like the one I am sporting here.
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