And so it begins....

Each day begins with a workout
 and breakfast...
Egg Scramble with spinach, chicken sausage, and tomatoes

and we begin the produce seasons, plums were a great price at Costco Wednesday night so I grabbed a big tub of them...and we all have been enjoying them
I began yesterdays work with some friendly competition...staff vs residents water volleyball (okay in this picture it looks like I was about to shove it down their throats but that is not what happened:) )

we begin farming season now that the rain has subside, moving cows again last night....I love this picture of the two baby calves and Bubba loading them up...he is such a great helper on the farm

we begin teaching the boys responsibility with chores...first up...Big E feeds the chickens...granted most of the food ended up on the ground but he loves doing it.

we began our "the weather is finally warming up" routine...jumping on the trampoline at night...Big E just runs back and forth in the grass...playing his own game, what it is, I have not a clue:)

So there you have it...seems like we "begin" a lot of things, kind of of like my "honey do list"

How did you begin your day today?


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