Post Run Stretching

I got the hubby and I signed up for the Tough Mudder race.  
We( I couldn't stand watching last year so I am doing it with them this year) are participating in the Chicago event in May. May and June are going to be cray cray and very busy months for us.  We have the Tough Mudder, our 10K Memorial Day Race in May, and the Dam to Dam 1/2 marathon the first week in June.

I hopped on the treadmill to log some miles and got 5 in this morning.  The consisted of sprint intervals, gradual speed up intervals...I just hate to run one constant speed on the treadmill, I need to mix it up. 

 After my run I could feel my legs tightening up so I immediately began my stretch routine.  I do this routine right after my run unless I am going to be lifting legs... then I wait till after my strength session.

Please excuse the crappy phone pictures, and then pissed off face, the timer catches me off guard

 1. Butterfly stretch, I usually hold for 15-20 seconds, repeat however many times you want
2. Pigeon Pose, each side, hold for as long as you want, pay attention to your knees as to not twist and if it doesn't feel comfortable, don't do it
3. To take it to the next level lay down over your bent knee for any even deeper stretch
4. Deep side lunge each side (making sure my knee is behind my toes)
5. Quadricep Lunge Stretch, one of my favorites, keep your back straight, don't arch and press through the hips.

6. Hamstring Stretch, an old favorite
7. One more hamstring stretch because I have chronic tight hamstrings, even with all my is a constant battle

These are my personal favorite stretches, and everyone has their favorites.

Question of the Day:

What are your favorite post run stretches?

P.S. Oh yeah, as I blog, I am banishing the grays...multitasker


  1. the pigeon is my go to. My hips get so tight, that pose is amazing for a release

  2. Love pigeon pose -- though I'm not a runner. It's great for stretching the glutes after some heavy weight lifting though!


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