Packing a lot in...

When we head home to my parents, we pack a lot into one day....and I try to get my run/workout in before all the action, which, in today's case meant, brisk temperatures and blistering wind.  When the wind was behind me I was warm and I really enjoyed the fresh air, but once I turned west the wind hit me like a ton of bricks and it was cold, it was harsh.  I wanted 6 miles today, and my legs were ready and willing,  but I was not enjoying the wind at all....I actually got in about 5.12 according to mapmyrun, my Garmin didn't register right away, or it froze.  :)
 Our usual Saturday morning, and today we had an exceptionally large crowd.  It was so much fun just chatting and catching up with everyone. 
Friday night we helped celebrate the birthday of my cousin's 3 year old daughter. My boys listening to my cousin Ryan playing the piano.  It brought me back to days of me sitting there listening to him practice his piano, when we went to their house, just mesmerized by his talent.  He is still just as talented and I still love to listen to him play. 
 We then got some quality time with cousin Kate.  Looks comfortable doesn't it.  She is so good to our kids.  They adore her....and Mike
 Big E toyed with the boundaries of wearing girls clothing. 
 Bubba strummed the guitar
 We visited the farm, fed the horses, and brushed the pony
 Big E visited the goat (we got ourselves a funny farm people)
 I got to spend some serious quality time with these two precious babies...

And now, we are all relaxing falling asleep while watching T.V. trying to recover from today's non stop chaos, but we wouldn't have it any other way....

Question of the Day:

Do you live near both sides of parents? 

We live about a mile away from my in-laws, and 2 hours away from my parents.


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