Sorry I was MIA yesterday, had a lot to do at work and at home....but I have gotten some great workouts in...As I said before, the hubby and I are training for the Tough Mudder and a couple races so maximizing our time and workouts are essential. 

This bootcamp group at the rec combined AMRAP's and a track workout...perfect and it sucked:)  My legs were shaking all day...

UnderArmour shirt, Lululemon capris, Mizuno inspire shoes, PolarFT40 watch
 Today was strength training with Les Mills Body Pump and a quick HIIT workout with Chalene and TurboFire....I seriously love these programs so much....they kick my butt and I can do them in my living room. 
I have been awful at taking food pictures....
I do have one that I took when I was out for lunch with my residents for our monthly lunch bunch.  It was a small townie bar called Shakespeare's Bar and Grill but the food was amazing....(I pick the restaurants by suggestion or I open the phone book to the restaurant section and close my eyes and point on page....it worked out very well this time)

I had the grilled cajun tilapia with grilled veggies....
Last night was cleaning night in the household...the boys' rooms were a disaster, I needed to vaccuum and dust and just get things tidied up.  When you are away for the weekend, you lose that little extra cleaning time, and being the OCD that I am, it was starting to bug me a bit...

Tonight is our big "Gala" at work.  We and the residents get all prettied up, take pictures, enjoy a nice meal, and program.  It should be a great time. 

Kyle and the boys will be eating the "grab from the freezer and bake" meal I made for them last night....Chicken, Black Bean Enchiladas, I told Kyle to take a picture, we will see if that happens. 

Well I am off to work...hope you all have a great day!

Question of the Day

Did you get your workout in already?


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