Let Down

You know how when you look forward to a hair color change, and you sit through the whole process, and come out with a disappointing result...

Yeah that was me tonight. I went in for a lighter brighter "spring" look, and came out with barely a change...I wanted blonde highlights and barely got caramel ones...disappointing, especially since I paid the money for it....I wonder if I should call and say I want brighter, bolder blonde....
I shouldn't have to pay for the redo, should I?

I got to the rec again this morning for another ball buster of a class. 
Under Armour Shirt and Capris, Reebok Realflex shoes, polarFT40

Today was bring your kids to work day, for me anyways.  No school meant mom takes them for the morning and dad picks them up at noon and takes them home to play while I continue to slave away at work! I am so lucky to work for a place and boss who allows me to do this...
 Trying to keep the contained for a few minutes seconds with the ipods
After work I headed to the above mentioned hair appointment.

Luckily, the weather was still beautiful when I got home so we do what we do best, and played outside till the sun started going down. 

And just because my mom thinks she is so smart I had to share this.  My family knows I have some slight issues with peeking for presents, opening them early, blah blah...so I get my birthday card in the mail from her and she writes on the back...
HOW RUDE!!!  You know that feeling of wanting to open something just because someone told you not too.....must.hold.back...

Question of the Day?

Do you think I should ask for a hair "redo" and not have to pay for it?


  1. I would tell your stylist you're not happy with your hair but really don't want to pay for another highlight. Maybe they'll suggest doing it again for free!

    1. I totally am...I thought, what the heck, I paid the money I am going to get what I want!


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