Couple things...

I have a couple minutes while I am lunching to blog and since the boys and I are traveling home tonight to see my parents, I will probably be driving all over the place, and let's be honest, the world would stop turning and life would cease to go on if I didn't blog
...right, sure...
For lunch I am enjoying a couple ingredients in my salad
Applegate Turkey Bacon, 
Black Bean, 

We did a couple of reps today at our class and by a couple I mean 100:
100's ..35 minute time limit...I almost made it
Box Jumps
Push Ups
DB Squats
Push Presses( I got 30 in before time) I check my afterburn for about 20 minutes after the workout, just out of curiousity
Old Navy activewear capris, polarft40 watch, Nike shoes, UnderArmour Tank

For breakfast I enjoyed a Shakeology Shake mixed with a couple of ingredients
1 scoop Shakeology
1 cup of cooled espresso
splash of almond milk

And now I am ready to finish off a couple more hours of work and then head home for a couple of days....

Question of the day?

What is your least favorite exercise?

For me it has to be knee ups, I don't know why, but I detest them.  I would rather do a billion burpees than knee ups. 


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