Arrgghh....I am still tracking and holding out hopes for this snow storm to veer away from us so I can watch my cousin play basketball on Thursday night, but it is not looking promising. Where we are traveling to is  supposed to get 6-12 inches......blerg

 Maybe they will postpone the game if the other team can't make it....

In other news, supper was a delicious Whole grain chicken pasta(recipe to come) last night, everyone approved, two thumbs up from Bubba and Big E.  I love that my children enjoy eating healthy, and are willing to try the new foods that I make for them.  Sometimes they don't like them, which is fine, but at least they are willing to try:)

 Why yes, that is ketchup on his plate.  He wanted ketchup for his chicken.....
After the boys went to bed and I finished making caramel corn for Bubba to take for his birthday at school, I hammered out this arm superset workout.  

Boy was the wind howling this morning when I was getting up for Bootcamp this a.m.  You know it is cold out when our garage door was frozen to the ground.  We had to get a pitch fork and pry that baby open....lovely Iowa, just lovely....
old navy active purple shirt, under armour tank, mpgsport capris, polarft40 heart rate monitor
 A very bright and pretty sundog sky this morning commute

And another egg scramble breakfast with udis gluten free cinnamon raisin bread

Providing the weather stays good, this week is going to be wonderfully busy for us.  Parent Teacher conferences tomorrow night
basketball game Thursday night
work Friday night
Inversion Workshop Saturday morning,
hopefully championship game on Saturday afternoon/night
Sunday relaxation...haha, yeah right...

How is your week shaping up? Busy, relaxing...


  1. I'm in STL & we're supposed to get hit early Thursday with the Winter Weather, no thank you! Are you 100% gluten free? I've cut most bread out & have felt awesome but have yet to try the Udi's, I'm thinking of picking some up. So far fairly quiet around these parts this week, I'm sure that will change. Enjoy your week!

    1. I am not 100% gluten free, but when it comes to my bread I am. I really like the Udi's. Crossing our fingers for less snow than they predict. Stay warm!

  2. remind me not to complain when it's 40F here. I know, i am a wuss! but love your ambition!


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