Snow day=Sled Day

Of course it wasn't really a snow day, Bubba had the day off from school and Big E had a doctor's appointment so I took the day off to be "mommy"...which I did not mind at all. 

We had a fantastic day! 

I got a great TurboFire HIIT workout in, and then sweated my a*& off shoveling snow, and hauling trash, that had overtaken our garage, to the burn pile....#booyah

 Under Armour dri fit shirt, kswiss shoes, Old Navy #activewear line
 While I worked the boys went sledding...the weather was perfect!

 And what sledding day would be complete without hot chocolate
 I fueled with a Shakeology shake....still in the blender cup, didn't want to dirty another glass...
 We had one minor slip up in the day...Big E was bringing his cup to the sink and he slipped on the floor and the cup went flying...he got his mother's gracefulness I guess
And lastly, we ended our fun filled day together at the doctor for Big E's 2 year old check up...sniff sniff.....he did wonderfully, he is off the charts in height, normal in weight and BMI
...and he did not make a sound when he got his shot....not a peep...such a toughie...he was so excited about the snoopy bandaid I guess

P.S. These were his last rounds of shots and "monthly" checkups till Kindergarten(besides the flu shot)now it is just yearly...sniff is all happening too fast...
And now, I am getting ready to go work for the night.  I scheduled a Dinner Theatre excursion..."Death By Disco".....of course, I would much rather be watching my cousin playing in her rescheduled basketball conference semi final game.  But, that is how things mother has strict orders to text me every detail, every shot...

If When she wins, we will get to watch her play Sunday in the finals....send Kate strong rebounding, nothing but net shooting, and break away stealing thoughts her way...

Have a great night all!


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