I said brrr, it's cold in here.....

Did your school do that cheer?
I immediately think of it when someone says, brr, it's cold in here
Your welcome...

I hit up Bootcamp this a.m. for a little sweat session, and will hop on the ole treadmill tonight to log some miles, and then zen it out with some yoga.
 (reused picture, no new one from today)
 Breakfast was a mixture of scrambled eggs, sweet potato, and ketchup...with a little clementine on the side.

 I am loving that it is Friday and that a "planless" weekend lies ahead for me.  I think Kyle and Bubba are heading to a wrestling meet tonight to cheer on our Iowa Hawkeyes as they battle #1 Penn State.

P.S. When I put "planless" in there, it doesn't really mean no plans, because I have lists of things that are on my plan of things to do....just being real


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